TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to DOGTV is on sale for £149.25 as of Nov. 15, saving you 52% on list price.

It’s no secret that dogs are emotional creatures. To make sure nothing gets your pup down, especially in the moments you have to leave them alone, consider a subscription to DOGTV.

DOGTV is a channel developed especially for dogs. Yes, that’s right: TV for dogs. Programs include the right mix of colours to accommodate what a dog can see, as well as sights and sounds selected specifically to reduce stress and anxiety in canines.

DOGTV is recommended by veterinarians and pet organizations and developed by some of the world’s top pet experts to encourage a confident, happy dog. who’s less likely to develop separation anxiety and related behavioural issues.

DOGTV usually costs £316 for unlimited lifetime access. Lucky for you, signing up with this online deal for new users reduces that price tag by 52%, which makes the final price only £149.25.

DOGTV advert

Credit: DOGTV

DOGTV Lifetime Subscription

£149.25 at the Mashable Shop