'Godzilla vs. Kong' stomps international box office with biggest opening weekend since the pandemic began

Godzilla vs. Kong, a film in which a giant reptile throws down with a giant primate, seems to have done pretty well at the international box office. While the U.S. won’t get its fill of gargantuan animal fights until the end of the month, the monster movie has already raked in $121.8 million from 38 markets across the globe. 

There’s still some way to go before Godzilla vs. Kong recovers its $200 million budget, but it’s a more than decent start — especially considering Americans haven’t seen it yet.

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While the coronavirus pandemic has continued to keep sensible people in the U.S. far away from movie theatres, countries that have the virus more under control have cautiously crept back in front of silver screens. Over the weekend, 56,777 of those screens apparently featured Godzilla and King Kong punching on. Read more…

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