Check out this little story about Motivation:

No Motivation


Picture this…

You’ve got a weird and twisted mind and
love to play tricks on people. (Could be true? I won’t tell.)

You’ve got a nerdy little nephew named Ned who
is in the sixth grade and weighs about 90 lbs.

Ned wants to be on the track team.

In your cruelty you load up a back-pack with 100lbs of
cornmeal and strap it on his back.

You convince Ned he must ALWAYS carry this
back-pack around with him. He can ADD more
corn-meal to it, but he can NEVER, EVER, under
any circumstances take it off or remove any of the cornmeal.


You pat him on the head and say…if you’re motivated
and try REAL HARD you can make the track team.

Ned does try out for the track team.

He fails.

You tell him “He didn’t want it bad enough.”

Ned takes this to heart…

He fires himself up. Practices for hours a day…and
is EXHAUSTED at the end of the day. He wonders how anybody does it?

He tries out again…

And still comes in dead last.

LOL!!!!…right? this is hilarious fun.

He laments how tired he is…

He doesn’t feel like practicing anymore.

He’s not even sure if he wants to be on the track team anymore.


In your twisted depravity…

You give him a couple books…

101 Ways to Motivate Yourself and any
book on the Law of Attraction should put the final
nail in his little heart’s desire.

NOTE: He stuffs those in his backpack too.

He reads them.

He gets pumped up for a while.

Along the way, Ned adds a lot more to the
back-pack. The back-pack is bursting at
the seams and weighs at least 150 pounds
now…almost twice what Ned weighs.


When he practices now…

His load feels EVEN HEAVIER.

As you might imagine…now…

Ned is developing a real confidence problem.

“How are others so motivated?”

“Whaaaat’s wrooooong with me?” Ned agonizes as the tears
run down his freckled cheeks.

You catch him crying and are filled with glee!!!

(I told you, you were sick in this imaginary scenario.)

You know as long as Ned…never figures out he
can take his back-pack off, he’ll always feel
unmotivated, un-confident and have the energy
of a slug on downers.

One day though…

Ned visits his Uncle Travis.

Uncle Travis takes one look at him and asks him what is in the backpack?

Ned says “All the stuff I need.”

“What do you need it for?” Uncle Travis asks?

“I don’t know for sure? People told me I needed it?
I’m not sure I can even live without my back-pack now?”

“Sure you can!” Uncle Travis says…

“Just take it off Ned. You don’t need it.”

Ned takes off the back-pack.

And likely you can guess the rest of the story.

Ned makes the track team! Discovers he never had
a motivation problem or an energy problem, but was
just carrying around a lot of weight…he didn’t really need.


If I may be so bold…

If you feel unmotivated and tapped out…

Just take off that heavy rucksack my friend.

Start with SHEDDING your identity.


That’s at least a 100 lb weight everyone has convinced you that you should carry.

Not only do you have to lug it around with you…

You spend untold amounts of energy trying to
PROJECT and PROTECT your identity.

Think about it…

Why are we afraid to fail?

Because it makes us LOOK BAD.

So what?

Who gives a tinkers darn?

It only SOUUUUUNDS good to say…

“I’m a great business man.”

or “I’m a great musician.”

Then you spend all your time PROTECTING
that image. You become afraid to fail, because if
you fail, you’ll “lose” the image.

It’s weight my friend. Lose it. Lose it now. Be free.

I see people taking all these “personality tests”…and
then limiting the crap out of themselves…they say
“I could NEVER do this or that because I am an INTJ or an EFTP.”

The next weight you can dump now is the weight of the past.

(Shed your identity first and your past will drop so much easier.)

Regret, Shame, Guilt, and the NEED to FEEL
like it does you some good to carry them around is
where all your energy goes.


Drop it now.

Are you starting to feel a sense of lightness? a little more energy?

Now for the future.

This is my personal demon.

When my sack starts feeling heavy it’s because
I know I am adding too much weight on my
thoughts of the future.


Releasing the BS story of your “identity” is key to
releasing a lot of worry and fear over the future.

As I get lighter and lighter and lighter…

I move freer, faster and I’m more flexible.

I can handle any future that comes at me as long
as I’m not LOADED DOWN with all my shizz.

I take an action.

It goes the way I want…or it doesn’t…then I just
maneuver. It’s a fun game.

It doesn’t MEAN ANYTHING about me.


Uncle Travis says…”Just take off that heavy ass back-pack
and you’ll discover all the energy and motivation you were
looking for was there already. You’d NEVER strap down
your nephew Ned, so please don’t do it to yourself.”