Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon tried to draw actor Nicole Kidman into a speed round of Christmas questions during Wednesday’s episode, asking her about everything from her favourite holiday movie to her favourite holiday pie. Unfortunately for Fallon, the Australian actor either didn’t understand the concept of a speed round or just wasn’t in the mood to play along.

“Real tree or fake tree?” Fallon asked.

“Got anything better on this list?” countered Kidman. “Is this really gonna make the show?”

The whole point of a speed round it to answer relatively shallow questions as quickly as possible, without giving any of them too much thought. However, when you slow down the process as much as Kidman did, the questions can seem quite silly. Fortunately it was all in good fun, with Kidman proceeding to take Fallon’s list of questions and flip them back on him.

“Turkey or ham?” asked Kidman, temporarily taking over the interview.

“Probably turkey? I don’t know,” said Fallon. “These questions are terrible.”

Possibly their most awkward interview since Kidman revealed to Fallon how he blew his chance at a date.