Screenshot from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

It’s been a rough week, and we aren’t even halfway through. On Monday, Politico reported a leaked draft Supreme Court judgement that would overturn landmark case Roe v. Wade. If made official, such a ruling could enable abortion bans in individual U.S. states, dealing a devastating blow to reproductive healthcare in the U.S.

“This ruling is bad enough on its own, but it also sets a new precedent that can make things even worse,” Daily Show host Trevor Noah explained on Tuesday night’s show. “Because if the right to privacy that Roe is based on doesn’t actually exist, then all sorts of things could become illegal. Contraception. Gay marriage. Sex before marriage. Adultery. Masturbation. I mean, everyone assumed that these things were here to stay.”

The loud majority is upset and furious at the Supreme Court’s draft judgement, which could hurt countless people and set the country back decades. However, Noah noted that others seem more disturbed by the fact that the draft was leaked.

“I understand why these people are upset,” said Noah. “The conservative majority on this court has a fundamental right to choose when they want to release a decision into the world. Imagine having some random person violate your privacy and make that choice for you. Who would do such a thing?”