Trump wants praise for how he's handled coronavirus, and Seth Meyers is not having it

President Donald Trump spent months ignoring repeated warnings about the coronavirus pandemic from both medical experts and government officials. Such experts have roundly criticised the government’s glacial response to the crisis, which likely cost lives and made the whole situation much worse than it needed to be.

Still, the U.S. president evidently thinks the media should be more complimentary of his alleged efforts.

“You think they should say ‘Congratulations, great job’? I think you’re confusing a press conference with a party of some kind,” quipped Late Night host Seth Meyers on Monday. “But yeah, next time we can bring out a cake that says ‘Congratulations on only 17 million unemployed.’ Seriously we could, because in the last month or so we’ve all gotten pretty good at baking.” Read more…

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