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Month: May 2016

One Nation Under God

On this Memorial Day celebration – I, as a Filipino, now an American and still a Filipino, would like to thank the American men and women who fought for freedom not only for the USA but for the Philippines since World War I and World War II. The USA, as a nation founded on the Word of God, has been God’s instrument not only to fight for freedom for the nations but also to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. Not to mention, I was led to pray the sinner’s prayer and to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior by an american missionary named Christine in an american Christian university campus in the Philippines where I studied – Silliman University. And then God sent american missionaries Pastors Bob  & Grace  to the Philippines where I and my family spiritually grew in Christ and now continually growing spiritually in the US through our american Pastor Jim. Praise the Lord Jesus for His faithfulness and God bless America!
by Ging Miraflor Cockerham

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God the Center

God the Center

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New Social Media Website Launched


The place to find old and new friends, connect, communicate, have fun and earn rewards.
MONTGOMERY, Pa.May 22, 2016PRLog — The owner, Jeremy Cockerham, created a new social media website with a twist. Not only can members post on a timeline, but can also create blogs, create and sell stuff in a store. Members can send and receive to each other money from the site also.

They can create groups and pages also. As an addition to the site, members can earn points to redeem for cash and prizes for all the different activities they can do, such as liking, making comments, posting to the feed, sharing, posting photos, chatting and more.

It’s like the all in one social network for all that you need for, such as blogging, having your own store selling things, writing articles and more. And it’s all indexed in the search engines for more added exposure. A feature that will be added soon is online storage for your files. Advertisers can create ads for products and services that they are offering. So, sign up and tell friends or connect with new ones and earn rewards.