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The 3 best ways to save money on travel this summer

Plane in sky

It’s travel season. From luxury beach holidays to foreign romps to camping excursions across the national parks, it’s the perfect time to start booking those trips you’ve been planning in your head. But don’t break the bank doing it — grab one of these deals and keep more money in your pocket as you book your flights, hotels, and more.

TravelHacker Premium: One-Year Subscription

See the world without breaking the bank with a Premium subscription to TravelHacker. This travel app automatically uncovers low airfare deals for you, while also detecting the reopening status and restrictions in 124 different countries and 3,800 airports worldwide. That way, you can be in the know before you land — and you can spend more time packing and preparing than researching. Monitor thousands of flights departing from your home airport, uncover rare deals you won’t find elsewhere (saving you an average of £100 to £300 per ticket), and book directly with your favourite flight-booking site (SkyScanner, Kiwi, Google Flights, etc.). Get a one-year subscription to this money-saving travel app for just £30.

Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus+ Lifetime Subscription

Dollar Flight Club also alerts you to the best deals from your home airports, potentially saving you hundreds of pounds on your next trip. With a Premium Plus subscription, you’ll get lifetime access to all of the best domestic deals, weekend getaways, and mistake fares from your home airports, plus perks and discounts up to 50 percent from DFC’s partners (including Babbel, Scribd, Huckberry, Lonely Planet, and more), access to a wide variety of travel tips, and instant alerts. It also covers Business, Premium Economy, and Economy Class. Featured before, it’s a £1,300 subscription you can snag for only £75.

Trasava: One-Year Membership

Once your flight is taken care of, it’s time to book your lodging. Before you overpay for a luxury hotel, sign up for Trasava for just £152. It’s an innovative booking platform that lets you secure a five-star hotel room for the price of a two-star hotel. You can also find deals on holiday rentals, luxury homes, cruises, car rentals, and more for up to 60 percent cheaper than major travel sites. Trasava even promises to refund 110 percent of the difference if you find the same deal cheaper elsewhere. Even better, you’ll get rewarded for every pound you spend to use on your next deal. Save 50% on a one-year membership and see for yourself how much more money you keep in your pocket.


Chicago man turns himself in after fatally shooting wife in Target parking lot, police say

A Chicago man turned himself in after he allegedly shot and killed his own wife in a Target parking lot.

19 Actors Who Fully Committed To A Role And Played Their Parts A Little Too Well


Save 89% on this beginner-friendly investment platform

Investment graphs on tablet

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Tykr Stock Screener is on sale for £75.80, saving you 89% on list price.

Buying stocks isn’t as complicated as it seems for outsiders, but it does require some basic education and individual research. You shouldn’t just pick stocks for your portfolio based on what a TikTok video said. Selecting stocks requires careful consideration, which is where the right stock screener comes in.

If you’re new to investing, Tykr Stock Screener could be a solid option for getting started, as it combines a stock screener with an education platform to help you manage your investments. And for a limited time, a lifetime subscription is on sale for 89% off.

Tykr is designed to not only help you manage your investments, but also reduce your risk along the way. It breaks down investing into simple terms and gives you specific recommendations on companies worth buying into and when it’s time to sell.

The app uses a rigorous algorithm to break down stocks into three categories — On Sale (potential buy), Watch, or Overpriced (potential sell). It works behind the scenes to make the investment journey easier. Each potential stock will also receive a score up to 20. The overall score determines the financial strength of a stock, and the higher the number, the safer the investment. And finally, the app gives each stock a Margin of Safety (MOS) score — the difference between the Share Price and Sticker Price. The higher the number, the higher potential returns you can earn. All of this is broken down in Tykr with approachable language and simple charts.

Within the app, there are also free educational webinars — including one on how to invest your first pound. If you’re nervous to jump in on your own, this is the place to start. 

Ready to start investing? It’ll only cost you £75.80 for a lifetime subscription to Tykr — that’s 89% in savings, making it a great first investment.

Tykr advert

Credit: Tykr


Depp-Heard defamation trial: A look at the celeb witnesses still set to testify

With Elon Musk and James Franco out, some celebrities, including Hollywood movie stars like Marvel’s Paul Bettany, are still set to testify in the Depp v. Heard trial.

People On TikTok Are Drinking Aloe Vera Juice And “Loving” The Results — But Every Doctor We Spoke To Warned Against It


Seth Meyer unpacks what Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition means for democracy

A screenshot of Late Night with Seth Meyers

The big tech news of the week remains Elon Musk’s offer to buy out Twitter for a massive $44 billion — a deal that looks all set to go ahead provided nobody backs out at the last minute. This huge acquisition has provided a ton of material for hot takes and despair, though as Late Show host Seth Meyers points out, it also highlights issues about the overwhelming power of billionaires.

“I mean, with money like that you could do something about poverty, or climate change, or world hunger, and still have enough left over to, I don’t know, get a decent haircut?” Meyers quipped, taking a dig at Musk’s sizable forehead.

“Regardless of whether you’re pro-Musk or anti-Musk, let’s maybe take a step back and reconsider whether it’s a good thing that everyone’s just rooting for different billionaires like sports teams — which are also owned by billionaires,” Meyers continued.

“Maybe, just maybe, it’s not healthy for our democracy when Twitter, Facebook, and The Washington Post are all owned by some of the richest men in the world — not to mention the fact that Fox, The Wall Street Journal, and a network of right-wing media outlets are owned by another right-wing billionaire who’s on the list of the 100 richest people in the world. That’s not a free market, that’s an oligarchy.”


NFL Draft inside look: Las Vegas hosts one of league’s premier events

Since April 1, workers have been building the stage adjacent to the Caesars Forum and behind the High Roller outside The Linq.

18 People Who Definitely Immediately Regretted Literally Every Single Decision They Made Last Week


This Google ads and productivity training bundle is on sale for 98% off

Google on laptop

TL;DR: The 2022 All-In-One Google Ads and Productivity Training Bundle is on sale for £22.96, saving you 98% on list price.

The Google suite puts endless organisational tools at your fingertips, but if you work alone or are just starting a business, who’s going to teach you how to operate and take advantage of these tools?

Instead of purchasing expensive chat or productivity software, use this learning bundle to get the most out of the Google apps that are free, like Chat and Analytics. Plus, learn how to optimise and run ads on Google, so customers searching for your services will see your business pop up first.

Kick things off by learning how to profit per clicks with Google AdWords. It’ll teach you everything you need to know to run a successful campaign, like optimising keywords and strategies that top-tier businesses use every day. From there, learn the ins and outs of Google Chat and Meet, which expand on the functionalities that used to exist in Hangouts. Learning how to use these functions will completely replace the business need for Slack altogether. You’ll also learn how to schedule video meetings, which eliminates the need for a Zoom account.

From there, learn how to gain insights and make business projections using Google Analytics, one of the most powerful tools for growing a new business. Courses are led by experts, like Krista Neher, who is the CEO of Boot Camp Digital and an internationally recognized digital marketing expert.

This 2022 All-in-One Google Ads and Productivity Training Bundle retails for £1,378 since it includes nine courses and over 300 lessons on how to optimise Google services for your business. But for a limited time, you can save 98% and get lifetime access to the entire training bundle for just £22.96.

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