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This AI job application bot is on sale for 54% off

LazyApply on laptop

TL;DR: A lifetime license to LazyApply Job Application Basic is on sale for £53.45, saving you 54% on list price.

Applying for jobs is immensely time-consuming and stressful. It’s not just the time that makes it tough, though. Finding a new job after being laid off adds to an already challenging task.

When layoffs are a concern, thinking about applying for a new job can be stressful. You may be able to save some time by automating the application process using LazyApply Job Application. This job-hunting app could help you find your next position, and a lifetime subscription is only £53.45. 

Applying for jobs can be exciting, but it can also require a whole lot of filling in the blanks with the same information over and over. Skip the redundancies and let LazyApply do some of the busywork. All you have to do is upload your job skills, work history, and other info into the app. Then, LazyApply will autofill your information on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. You can even use unlimited LinkedIn profile emails to reach out for new job opportunities. 

Still not getting many bites on your application materials? Check out LazyApply’s CV tips and see if there are a few changes you can make to stand out from the crowd. It might not be your job materials that are making it hard to land a promising role. If it’s just a numbers game, then you may have a better shot if you use all 150 job applications LazyApply can manage for you every day. You can even track your application performance and get detailed analytics. For a little extra insight, you could also use your one weekly consultation call to find new application strategies. 

LazyApply can’t hand you a job, but it might help you get an interview. Then it’s up to you to show off how awesome you are at what you do.

Take your next job search to the next level. If you’re tired of filling in your work history when you already uploaded a CV, get a lifetime subscription to LazyApply Job Application software on sale for £53.45. 


Hospitals in this state are no longer required to report all substance-exposed babies

Hospitals in Washington state no longer have to report all babies with prenatal drug exposure to Child Protective Services as long as there are no safety concerns. The policy change is intended to reduce stigma against parents with addiction and improve care at birthing hospitals.

“The opioid and overdose epidemic is disrupting the lives of a growing number of families in our state,” Dr. Tao Sheng Kwan-Gett, the chief science officer at the Washington Department of Health (DOH), said in a statement. “These changes will help every baby born in Washington get the healthiest start possible.”


Clinicians at birthing hospitals were previously mandatory reporters, required to contact CPS if newborns test positive for illicit substances or experience withdrawal. But now infants can receive “voluntary wrap-around services” without being reported, DOH wrote in a statement this week.

“While hospitals are still required to report cases where there is a safety concern for the child, not all families that have a child with prenatal substance exposure require child welfare intervention,” Ross Hunter, the state secretary of the Department of Child, Youth and Families (DCYF), said in a statement.


If hospital staff feel a child is at “imminent risk of serious harm” due to substance use, they are still required to report it to the state, a DCYF spokesperson told The Seattle Times. But the main concern is the safety of the child, not the substance being used.

Washington is leaning into the “Eat, Sleep, Console” model of care, which prioritizes a low-stimulation environment, breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact. NICU admissions and medications should no longer be the first line of care for newborns showing withdrawal symptoms, according to the DOH.

“We still want to connect these families with community-based services and resources that will support the family’s needs, reduce risks, and increase protective factors,” Hunter said.


The new guidelines take effect immediately, but hospitals have until January 2025 to update their own policies and train staff.

Drug overdoses have skyrocketed nationwide over the past three years, and Washington is no exception. Nonfatal opioid overdoses in King County nearly doubled from 2019 to 2022 and are on the rise again this year, according to EMS data.

For half a century, hospitals have used a method called the Finnegan Neonatal Abstinence Scoring Tool to look for withdrawal symptoms in newborns. The tool looks at everything from sleeping and crying habits to sweating and how often newborns yawn.

Many infants who showed signs of opioid exposure were given pharmacological treatment for withdrawal. But there have been concerns that it overestimates the need for medication and uses subjective factors, according to the National Institutes for Health.

By contrast, the Eat, Sleep, Console model prioritizes nonmedical interventions and keeping mother and baby together.

“What do we really need babies to be able to do? We need babies to be able to eat, we need babies to be able to sleep and we need babies to be consolable,” one nurse practitioner told The Seattle Times. “Let’s look at those three things, instead of subjective symptoms, to assess how the baby’s doing and whether or not interventions are needed for withdrawal.”

The NIH reported this year that one clinical trial found the Eat, Sleep, Console model more effective than the Finnegan tool for assessing and managing opioid-exposed newborns.


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‘Prey’s Dan Trachtenberg will direct an episode of ‘Stranger Things’ Season 5

Director Dan Trachtenberg arrives at the premiere of

Netflix has announced that Prey director Dan Trachtenberg will direct an episode of Stranger Things‘ fifth and final season.

Trachtenberg is no stranger to jumping in on established sci-fi horror franchises, having previously directed Cloverfield sequel 10 Cloverfield Lane as well as Predator prequel Prey. He also directed the Black Mirror episode “Playtest,” The Boys “The Name of the Game,” and was an executive producer on The Lost Symbol, a short-lived Da Vinci Code prequel series.

Now he’ll get to put his mark on Netflix’s flagship darling, adding another line to a resume already laden with big sci-fi titles.

While we know that Stranger Things‘ fifth season will see Terminator star Linda Hamilton join the cast, other details are relatively scarce — and it may be a while before anything is clarified. Filming on Stranger Things‘ eight-episode final season has been delayed due to the ongoing WGA strike, and no return date has yet been announced.


How Putin’s grip made Belarus a Russian ‘vassal state’ ahead of warlord’s exile

Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Belarus has stood out as one of Moscow’s few allies and the only European nation to offer Russia direct support in its war effort, including in its most recent endeavor to end a mutiny against the Kremlin.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said he helped bring about a peaceful resolution to an apparent mutiny by Wagner Group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin by offering him and his private military company troops a safe haven within Belarus’ borders in exchange for his “exile” from Russia.

Lukashenko’s claims have been questioned by regional experts and analysts alike who have asked why he stepped in and how his actions play into his deep allegiances to Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Though Belarus and Russia share a long history together, Minsk has not always acted as Moscow’s subservient.

Belarus declared its independence from the Soviet Union in August 1991, and by early December of that year, leaders from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia met to sign the Belovezha Accords. The agreement solidified the dissolution of the Soviet Union – a collapse that Putin would one day call the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.”

While Belarus and Russia have a shared past, their allegiances to one another have become far more pronounced in recent years.

“Belarus is a de facto vassal of Russia,” Peter Rough, senior fellow and director of the Center on Europe and Eurasia for the Hudson Institute, told Fox News Digital.

“This asymmetry is not what Lukashenko had in mind when he first launched the Union State with Russia in the 1990s,” he added in reference to a 1999 agreement signed by Lukashenko and Putin’s predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, to bolster Minsk and Moscow’s defense and economic ties.

The neighboring nations saw a shift in their geopolitical dynamic after Russia first invaded Ukraine in 2014, prompting concern in Minsk that Putin may have plans for other former Soviet states as well.

“Putin wants to re-create the Russian Empire at least as big as the Soviet Union. To do so, he’s using every trick in the book tailored to the weaknesses and unique situations of his neighbors,” former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO Michael Ryan told Fox News Digital. “Lukashenko wouldn’t be in power today if not for Putin.”

By the end of 2020, the dynamics between Lukashenko and Putin had shifted after the Belarusian leader saw massive uprisings after an allegedly botched presidential election.

Large-scale protests broke out after Belarusians, Western nations and human-rights groups accused Minsk of falsifying the election’s results to secure Lukashenko – who had been in power since 1994 – another win.


Lukashenko responded by violently cracking down on protesters and calling in Russia to help suppress the uprisings as Minsk faced international ire.

Rough explained that Putin’s willingness to jump in and help Lukashenko was down to more than maintaining region stability; it has enabled him to keep Lukashenko beholden to Russia.

“Putin has established dominance over Lukashenko since riding to his rescue during the Belarusian protests,” he said. “Now, Putin is turning Belarus into a front-line Russian garrison state, stationing Russian troops and deploying tactical nuclear weapons there.”

Belarus has not only allowed Russia to station and train troops within its borders, even serving as a launching point for the Russian troops that marched south on Kyiv in the early days of the war in Ukraine, Lukashenko has further allowed Putin to place tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus – a move that marked the Kremlin’s first deployment of such weaponry outside of Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Belarus once again found itself embroiled in the fallout of Russia’s war in Ukraine this past weekend after Prigozhin ordered his troops to head for Moscow in a “march for justice” in retaliation for the ill-treatment his forces received while on the front lines by the Russian Ministry of Defense.


But the terms of the alleged agreement brokered by Lukashenko remain opaque, and some experts are wary over its authenticity. 

Russia expert Rebekah Koffler, a former Defense Intelligence Agency intel officer specializing in Russian doctrine, told Fox News Digital that she believes the attempted mutiny over the weekend was most likely staged by Putin to strategically establish the Wagner forces in Belarus and potentially set up a second front to stretch Ukraine’s forces thin.

“Lukashenko became the beneficiary of Putin’s nuclear weapons, so Lukashenko supposedly negotiating Prigozhin’s ‘exile’ was in [on] it,” she said, alleging that she suspects the Belarusian leader of being aware of a Putin-directed scheme. “It’s part of the whole package.”

“Belarus is highly dependent on Russia economically and militarily,” she continued. “Lukashenko pretty much has to take orders from Putin.”

Though experts agree Lukashenko is beholden to Putin, they are divided on whether the mutiny signified that Putin is in a weakened state or acting as a strategically savvy maneuverer. Opinions on how Lukashenko and Prigozhin fit into the scenario are also divided.

“While Lukashenko likely relishes the attention he’s getting for the Putin-Prigozhin stand-down, he is not a meaningful actor in that feud,” Rough said. “Prigozhin must impress on Putin that going after him may spawn civil war. Lukashenko is insignificant in any of these calculations or decisions.”

But Rough also pointed out that if Russia does see a decline in Putin’s authority or power, it could “give Lukashenko an opportunity to break free” from Putin’s clutches.


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Find out why these TVs are such great value

Kogan TV

In the current Smart TV market, there is a war going on for your eyeballs. As TVs get bigger and bigger, and picture quality more and more impressive, the competition for that highly coveted spot in your living room has become fierce.

A name you’ve probably heard before by now, one of the more recent contenders on the scene, is Kogan.com. Kogan.com has taken aim at the value range Smart TV market, and carved out a significant chunk for itself in a relatively short period of time.

These days Kogan.com devices (specifically televisions) are everywhere in Australia, and the brand has become a household name. But how much do you actually know about Kogan.com? And how are they able to sell impressive tech at such jaw-droppingly low prices? We take a look below. 

What is Kogan.com?

Kogan.com is an Australian online retailer founded by Ruslan Kogan in 2006. It started as an electronics and gadgets e-commerce store, but has since expanded its product range to include additional categories such as home appliances, furniture, fashion, homewares, and more.

If you’re a savvy bargain hunter who has shopped around online in the past decade, Kogan.com is sure to be a staple in your search history. From humble beginnings in a Melbourne garage, Kogan.com has very quickly become one of the world’s largest consumer electronics retailers, and one of Australia’s fastest-growing businesses.

A large part of Kogan.com’s meteoric rise has come from the retailer’s early adoption of an online-only retail strategy. In 2008, at a time when traditional outlets were beginning to stagnate, Ruslan Kogan was called a ‘loudmouthed punk’ for suggesting the future of retail was heading online: an idea that certainly doesn’t sound ridiculous today, and has proven to be a phenomenally successful business strategy for them since then.

Why are Kogan TVs so affordable?

With a laser-focus on the value and the budget-conscious shopper, Kogan.com has been able to build a reputation of delivering quality electronics at incredibly low prices. As a direct-to-consumer business, it’s able to cut out middleman costs and keep prices low. In addition to this, the brand’s status as a primarily online-only retailer cuts down on the costs of maintaining physical retail locations. Coupled with the fact that they also operate at a relatively large scale, they are able to leverage their buying power to negotiate better deals with their suppliers and manufacturers. Kogan.com has a great breakdown of these principles on its website here, as well as a TV buying guide here. They know they sell “the cheap TV”, and they are absolutely stoked to do so. 

Televisions aren’t the luxury item they used to be. Technology moves so quickly, that the “world’s most powerful TV” doesn’t stay that way for long. “Good value”, on the other hand, is ever-evolving, and Kogan.com is uniquely positioned to cater to the more value-conscious shopper (which most of us rightfully are).

OLED/QLED/LCD, find out what it means to me

Even within the Kogan.com range of Smart TVs, there are a number of different popular technologies on the market being used to create high-resolution displays. While they all have different strengths and weaknesses, it can be hard to know which configurations will give you the best bang for your buck. LED (Light-Emitting Diode), and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs offer good picture quality and affordability, while OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) TVs provide superior contrast, deeper blacks, and wider viewing angles.

In recent years, we’ve also seen the prominence of QLED (Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diode) as they can achieve high peak brightness levels, making them suitable for bright rooms and HDR content. They also have the added benefit of being less susceptible to screen-burn compared to their OLED and LED counterparts. For avid gamers out there, QLED TVs are also able to provide much faster refresh rates than other displays, making them perfect for fast-paced action and gaming.

Kogan.com currently offers displays in ranges from 24-inch FHD LCDs, all the way up to 98-inch 8K QLEDs. 

Best value resolution 

In order to get the most value for money when it comes to a new TV, we recommend looking into the 50- to 65-inch 4K OLED range. These are massive screens with true 4K resolution, as well as HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) compatibility. If you’re shopping in this range, check out the Kogan 65″ QLED 4K Smart Google TV – Q98J, which is currently available as part of the EOFY sales for just A$769 (was $1,499.99). Kogan.com is also offering free shopping on selected TVs from June 28-30 as part of the EOFY sales. 

As the world’s biggest premium TV manufacturers barrel towards 8K resolution and beyond, we’re in a nice place at the moment with the affordability of large-scale 4K Smart TVs, and in many ways 65-inch is the new 50-inch, just as 50-inch replaced 42-inch a decade ago.

4K Smart TVs are so affordable these days (particularly those from Kogan.com), that it’s hard to justify purchasing FHD, unless you’re really looking for the budget option available. For example, right now Kogan.com is offering a Kogan 40″ LED Full HD Smart Google TV – F98T for just A$269 (was $599.99). 

Should you buy a Kogan TV?

While Kogan.com isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to emergent technology, it is able to offer incredibly competitive prices on TVs of the same size and resolution as other brands. If you’re looking for a decent TV, with capable smarts and a good warranty, Kogan.com is more than good enough for the vast majority of punters, and tends to massively exceed expectations set by their low prices.

Seeing as we’re deep into the EOFY sales at the moment, it’s a perfect time to pick up a brand new Kogan TV, with free shipping being offered until the end of the month. To see the entire Kogan.com range available now, check out their full TV catalogue and buying guide here.


Domestic violence rates remain high three years after record spike during pandemic

The United Nations referred to domestic violence as “the shadow pandemic” during COVID-19 lockdowns as rates across the country spiked to record levels.

Now, three years later, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) says the number of victims remains concerning. 

“We are still experiencing a really high contact volume at the National Domestic Violence Hotline,” said CEO Katie Ray-Jones. “About a 25% increase in contact volume.”

In New Orleans, the recent death of a young mother – allegedly by her former boyfriend – has led city leaders and residents to demand more help for victims.


In May, Asia Davis, 28, was found run over and shot to death. Her boyfriend, 44-year-old Henry Talley Jr., is now facing a second-degree murder charge.

He was previously convicted of murder for the killing of a 12-year-old boy in 1996 and received a life sentence, but was released two years ago following a Supreme Court decision that deemed life sentences for juveniles unconstitutional.

“She was a very vibrant, life of the party type of girl,” said Asia’s mother, Kenya Davis. “She touched the lives of so many people around her.” 

Kenya says her daughter tried to break up with Talley Jr.

“He didn’t want to let her go,” Kenya said. “We didn’t know more was going on.”


Asia’s story is likely happening behind closed doors in hundreds of thousands of homes across the country as NCADV statistics report nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the U.S.

“On any given day, we can see anywhere around 3,000 contacts coming into the organization,” Ray-Jones said.

The American Journal of Emergency Medicine said that domestic violence cases increased by 25% to 33% globally from 2020 to 2021 – the first year of the pandemic.

“Many companies are still doing at-home work or hybrid work and so many employees are still working at home with their abusive partner,” Ray-Jones said, adding that calls to the hotline have not slowed down.

The CEO also believes reporting has increased because more women are learning there are resources available that can help them.

“There’s been a lot of increased awareness about domestic violence,” Ray-Jones said. “Google even launched a new search feature to make finding resources more accessible.”


The national police officer shortage and slower response times in some cities is another concern. Asia’s mother said her daughter called the New Orleans Police Department on two separate occasions to report domestic violence before she was killed.

“The first time she called it was like 6 p.m. that evening and they didn’t show up until 5 a.m. the next morning, and they labeled it ‘gone on arrival,'” Kenya said. “It was 12 hours later.” 

Officers will mark a call as “gone on arrival” if the suspect or caller is no longer there when police arrive at the scene.

“It is hard for us to have victims take us seriously when we do not prioritize their safety by thinking a 12-hour response time on a domestic violence complaint is acceptable,” New Orleans City Council President J.P. Morrell said during a May meeting. 

In a statement, the New Orleans Police Department said domestic violence calls are high priority, adding that the first available officer was dispatched both times Asia called, but received no answer at the door.

Now focusing on raising Asia’s 6-year-old daughter, Kenya said doesn’t have time to dwell on what she can’t change.

“She knows her mother’s gone,” Kenya said. “I have to be strong for my grandchild.”


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Save 10% on a premium blood pressure monitor with this exclusive discount code

Couple cooking in kitchen

TL;DR: Take control of your health with the best blood pressure monitoring solution. The Aktiia 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor is on sale for £180 with the discount code AktiiaMashable, saving you 10% on list price.

The best time to start taking your health seriously is today. But don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to step outside and start collecting miles. We’re simply pointing you in the direction of a non-invasive and continuous blood pressure monitoring solution that has the potential to revolutionise healthcare.

That sounds like a big statement to make, but the Aktiia 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor can back it up.

What are the benefits of the Aktiia 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor?

With Aktiia, you can effortlessly track your blood pressure anytime and anywhere. That means you can proactively manage your cardiovascular health, which is obviously pretty important.

So why choose Aktiia with something as vital as your health? This premium blood pressure monitor is stacked with benefits:

  • Easy to use — With automated blood pressure readings, you can wear it and forget all about it.

  • Insightful — The monitor allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your heart health.

  • Dependable — This product is the result of 18 years of research and development, with a Swiss design offering elegance and comfort.

  • Shareable — It’s easy to share a summary of your blood pressure data with your doctor.

All of this combines to produce a clinically validated device that provides unique data you can share with your physician.

Key features of the app

The blood pressure monitor wouldn’t be worth much if it didn’t work seamlessly with the app. Fortunately, that’s not an issue, because the Aktiia app provides users with:

  • Blood pressure data

  • Medication reminders

  • Personalised blood pressure trends

You get everything you need to take control of your health.

The best blood pressure monitor deal

Mashable readers can save 10% on the Aktiia 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor with the exclusive discount code AktiiaMashable. That means you can secure this impressive device and app for just £180. This includes free shipping and a generous two-year warranty.

Save 10% on the Aktiia 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor with this exclusive deal for Mashable readers.

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