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This helpful AI text and speech toolkit is on sale for 80% off

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TL;DR: A lifetime license to the Jott Pro AI Text and Speech Toolkit is on sale for £31.55, saving you 80% on list price.

While humans have always led busy lives, it seems with the advancement of technology, we are expected to do more and more within a single day. So, any tips and tricks for saving time are most welcome. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a way to cut out the tedious work of note-taking, transcribing, and translation so you might have a little extra time to relax? 

With the AI boom already here, some things have changed for the better. The Jott Pro AI Text and Speech Toolkit is specialised software that could save you time when it comes to matters of text and speech, and a lifetime license is currently on sale for just £31.55 — and it has a lot of valuable capabilities.

If you consistently need to dictate emails or reports or take detailed notes during classes or meetings, Jott can help you. With its AI capabilities, Jott was made to transform any spoken word into written text without missing a beat.

Using state-of-the-art neural AI tech, this software can also turn any text into a high-quality, lifelike human voice, which is excellent for those with vision impairments. It can also save time by allowing you to listen instead of read while on the go.

Another helpful feature lets you extract images and text from files like PDFs, eliminating the need for manual transcription, as Jott converts it to editable text for you.

While this license is available on unlimited devices, this Jott Pro deal is only applicable to new customers. You’ll get 120 minutes of speech-to-text per month, 100,000 characters per month of text-to-speech, 100,000 characters per month for transcription, and 100,000 characters per month for translation, along with all of the Jott features.

This lifetime license includes updates and improvements as they become available, which help keep the tech you’re using current. Made to be user-friendly and highly accurate, it could be the difference between making it home in time for dinner and being stuck in the office.

Get a lifetime license to the Jott Pro AI text and Speech Toolkit for £31.55.


Cowboys hold off Lions in wild last-minute finish; CeeDee Lamb breaks two franchise records

All season long, the main concern about the Dallas Cowboys has been whether they can beat the cream of the crop.

At least temporarily, they addressed that with their 20-19 victory over the Detroit Lions, but that original narrative was oh so close to remaining true.

Entering Saturday, the Cowboys had played seven games against teams that currently hold a playoff spot – they won just two of them, beating the Los Angeles Rams (before they turned things around) and the Seattle Seahawks.

And they almost went to 2-6 in such games. Almost…


Inside the two-minute warning, Mike McCarthy pulled a Mike McCarthy and saved the Lions from burning a timeout due to an incomplete pass on second down, rather than wasting the clock. The Cowboys were held to a field goal and went up, 20-13, with 1:41 to go.

It was more than enough time for the Lions – Detroit marched right down the field in nine plays, and Amon-Ra St. Brown scored from 11 yards out with 23 seconds left. 

Detroit, having already clinched the NFC North with nothing to lose, went for the win and opted to go for two. It was successful, as Jared Goff ran a play action and found Taylor Decker, an offensive lineman, in the end zone. But…refs said he didn’t report himself as eligible! So, flag on the play. 

Take two.

Detroit opted to keep the offense on the field, and Goff threw a pick. BUT WAIT! That wasn’t all! Micah Parsons lined up offsides.

Take three.

Goff’s third pass fell incomplete, and there were no flags this time. Detroit went for the onside kick, but was unsuccessful.


Although McCarthy’s decision-making almost gave the game away, he did have a good gameplan beforehand: Give the ball to CeeDee Lamb.

In the first quarter, Dak Prescott found Lamb for a 92-yard touchdown, which was a preview of what was to come. Just before the half, Lamb was inches away from his second score of the night – but he was a victim of the worst rule in sports when he fumbled the ball, and it went out of bounds in the end zone, resulting in a touchback. So, instead of a 14-3 Cowboys lead, it stayed at 7-3.

Midway through the third, David Montgomery ventured his way into the end zone to put the Lions up 10-7, but Dallas answered with a 51-yard field goal to tie it just before the start of the fourth.

Detroit kicked a field goal shortly after a 64-yard reception from Jameson Williams to go up three, but with 7:20 to go, Prescott found Brandin Cooks for a touchdown, and Dallas was up 17-13. Then all the aforementioned hell broke loose.

Prescott completed 26 of his 38 passes for 345 yards, 227 of which went to Lamb. His night also gave him the most receptions and receiving yards in a single season in Cowboys history, surpassing Michael Irvin in both categories. He now has 122 catches for 1,651 on the season, which both rank first in the league (although Tyreek Hill trails by just 10 yards and has yet to play this weekend).

The win keeps Dallas’ hopes of winning the NFC East alive, as they improved to 11-5 on the season although the Philadelphia Eagles do still control their own destiny. Detroit fell to that same record, as they’re still vying for seeding – they clinched their first division title since 1993 last week. 

Dallas wraps up their regular season against the Commanders in Washington, while the Lions will host the Minnesota Vikings.

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Gain lifetime access to all Rosetta Stone languages for under £150

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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone (all languages) is on sale for £149.76, saving you 52% on list price.

The ability to communicate in multiple languages is more than just a skill; it’s a valuable asset with far-reaching benefits. And this deal on all-language access to Rosetta Stone for life gives you access to all 25 languages for just £149.76.

Learning a new language comes with benefits like allowing you to communicate with others while travelling and much more. According to Cambridge University Press & Assessment, learning a new language later in life is “a powerful way to exercise your brain,” partly because you are “forming new connections in the brain and strengthening nervous system links.” 

Rosetta Stone has been a leader in language learning for nearly 30 years and has been used by names like NASA and Calvin Klein. Rosetta helps you develop your understanding of each language through reading, writing, and speaking. It does this through interactive software and TruAccent, its speech-recognition technology, that analyses the words you say to perfect your pronunciation.

You’ll start out matching words with images and basic conversational skills about things like shopping, ordering at a restaurant, and more. You can then level up to more complex topics like sharing opinions and discussing pop culture, which could come in handy while travelling abroad.

This software works on various types of devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile devices. However, customers can only access one language at a time, but can switch between them at any time. 

This beloved language-learning software can help you build fluency and confidence in your choice of 25 languages. If you’ve been wanting to learn a new language, this could be a great time to start.

Get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone’s 25 languages for £149.76.

Rosetta Stone advert

Credit: Rosetta Stone


California boy, 14, arrested for killing parents, critically injuring sister

A California teenager was arrested after allegedly killing his parents and critically injuring his younger sister.

The 14-year-old boy faces two charges of murder and one charge of attempted murder for the attacks against his parents and 11-year-old sister, according to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies responded on Wednesday at about 7:40 p.m. to a home in Miramonte, California, after receiving a 911 call of injured people from the boy, who said someone had broken into his family’s house and attacked his mom, dad and sister. The boy said the intruder fled the scene in a pickup truck after the attack.

When deputies entered the home, they discovered two dead adults — identified as 37-year-old Lue Yang and 37-year-old Se Vang — and their 11-year-old daughter, who was suffering from serious injuries.


The girl was rushed to the hospital for treatment and is expected to survive. She underwent surgery and is making improvements to her health, the sheriff’s office said.

However, after detectives went to the home to investigate, it was revealed that the boy’s story was inconsistent with the evidence found at the scene. The sheriff’s office said the boy fabricated the story and was responsible for using multiple weapons to attack his parents and sister.

The boy’s seven-year-old brother was also inside the home during the attacks but was not injured, Sheriff John Zanoni said at a press conference. The seven-year-old brother is now in the care of other family members.


“When individuals live in rural areas of Fresno County, like up here in the mountains, those individuals tend to have weapons readily available, whether it’s knives, firearms, things like that for self-protection,” Zanoni said. “Many people hunt. So it’s not uncommon for weapons to be readily available. Unfortunately, in this case, they were in the hands of a 14-year-old who used them in a very violent manner.”

The motive of the attacks is unclear, and the investigation remains ongoing.

The identities of the children will not be released because they are minors.


A lifetime subscription to this premium flight deal finder is on sale for 96% off

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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Dollar Flight Club Premium Plus+ (two-pack) is on sale for £110.33, saving you 96% on list price.

Some people are travel enthusiasts, frequent flyers, and adventure seekers. They get amped up at the mere thought of planning a trip. Others travel only when necessary, like during the holidays, to visit family.

Regardless of where you lie on the travel enthusiast spectrum, this offer could help save you money on flights for years and years to come. You can get a two-pack of Premium Plus+ lifetime subscriptions to Dollar Flight Club (DFC) at a reduced price until Jan. 1 — the best price you’ll find online.

Dollar Flight Club makes it pretty simple to get in on this hack. Purchase your subscription tier, choose your four home airports, and sit back and relax until you start getting emails with deals in your area. DFC finds the best deals and sends them your way so you can choose to jump on it or not. You’ll receive discounts on international and domestic flights with both Premium and Premium Plus+. 

A Premium Plus+ subscription has the added benefit of also sending you business and first-class flight deals in addition to the economy seats. It also comes with a 20% savings on Mobile Passport Plus, as well as discounts on hand-selected partners like Huckberry.

This offer is only available to new members and can be used on web browsers and iOS and Android devices. And since the offer includes two, you can keep one for yourself and give one as a gift to a future travel buddy in your circle.

Help yourself and someone on your list travel smarter with a two-pack of Dollar Flight Club Premium lifetime subscriptions on sale for £110.33.


AI can benefit students and parents if done right

If you’ve read the headlines in 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is either coming to save or destroy education. From AI tools that can help proofread students’ work to chatbots that can act as a kind of virtual research assistant, there are applications emerging that could rapidly improve what students are able to do and how they are able to do it.

At the same time, ask any teacher, and you’ll hear myriad stories of AI-generated essays (many with incorrect information in them), and the yeoman’s work necessary to ChatGPT-proof their tests and quizzes. 

Rather than look at the whole AI and education universe, let’s focus on one significant challenge confronting K-12 education today. 


There are more schooling and educational opportunities available to families than ever before. This year, eight states (Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma and Utah) enacted or expanded K-12 choice programs where more than 90% of students are eligible to participate.

Those major developments follow the moves to universal student eligibility in Arizona and West Virginia in 2022.

Today, approximately one in five students in America live in a state with at least near-universal choice in K-12 education. And around 20 million students nationwide are eligible for a private K-12 choice program of some type.

Add in the millions of students eligible for charter schools, magnet schools or transfers across district boundaries, and we have tens of millions of parents looking for ways to determine what school or other education provider is best for their child.

Deciding on a school or tutor — or even searching and filtering them — is a daunting task that factors in so many inputs: safety, quality, cost, community, convenience, extracurricular opportunities and reputation, to name just a handful.

Now, students and their parents can access funds to further personalize learning. Perhaps that is one of the pandemic’s lasting legacies in education — a push for new priorities, organizing, operationalizing and opening pathways to schooling and learning opportunities.

Imagine moving to a new state with your school-aged children and wanting to figure out the best fit for their education. An AI-powered bot could sift through countless school websites, local news sites, mapping tools, private sector sources, government sources and external review sites to find a slate of options for your student, your basketball player and your cellist. 

Which schools have excellent teachers? Transportation options? A strong athletic program? A nice offering of extracurriculars?

At the same time, for those schools and providers participating in K-12 choice programs, information about how to pay tuition and provider costs could be easily filtered and highlighted for clarity.

Month after month, we have seen awareness and concern growing among parents with school-aged children. EdChoice’s November polling conducted by Morning Consult reported 78% of parents with school-aged children were concerned about the potential effects of AI – nearly 40% at least “very concerned.”

A finding like this reinforces what we often suspect — parents are worried and overwhelmed, from small decisions like deciding what to pack for lunch to big ones such as where to send their children to school. 

High-income earners and the college-educated are most likely to have heard of AI. Rural and low-income adults are the least likely to have heard of it. There has to be considerable effort to design these tools and access to them for less-resourced communities. 


Otherwise, the institutions, social networks and information sources intended to help level the playing field risk leaving behind these parents and students. 

As a parent, I welcome any responsible technology – including a supercharged tool via AI – that can aid the major decisions we make about our kids’ schooling and education. But I echo the majority of people we surveyed who have at least some concerns about how we will deploy and use AI.

At the same time, impressive and welcome developments in the past couple years have increased the numbers of states and K-12 choice programs that help parents pay for different schooling options, including tutoring and learning materials. AI could become a tremendous boost for us.

Whether Silicon Valley and EdTech can develop empathetic products and services guiding families instead of algorithms chasing clicks remains to be seen. AI designed for parents’ decision-making may sufficiently adapt to critical feedback in the hopes of advancing personalized, student-centered matching with schools, tutors and other education providers. 

The future of AI technologies is one we should embrace with hope, caution and laser-focused pragmatism. 


Get this MS Office 2019 and Windows 11 Pro bundle for under £40

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TL;DR: The MS Office 2019 and Windows 11 Pro Bundle is on sale for £39.39, saving you 87% on list price.

You can drop hundreds (or maybe even thousands) on a PC with the best technology, but you won’t be able to get the most out of it without high-quality software and an upgraded operating system.

Pay just £39.39 for a lifetime license to both Microsoft Office Pro 2019 and Windows 11 Pro, discounted until the end of the year.

This software package enables you to install the entire MS Office suite on a single computer. You’ll get the Pro versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access — tools you could use to increase your productivity. You’ll get immediate access to the software license keys and download links upon purchase, plus free customer service for life in case you encounter a problem with any of the programs down the line.

Your experience using the suite is made even better by the included Windows 11 Pro license, which packs your computer with advanced security, management, and productivity features, transforming it into an ideal tool for work and play. Apart from a brand-new interface and a more seamless UX and UI, it comes packed with a variety of security functions, including Windows Information Protection that separates personal and work data, Microsoft Information Protection integration that protects your information from leaks, and BitLocker Encryption that encrypts data on the hard drive.

With both MS Office Pro 2019 and Windows 11 Pro, you can enjoy a modern, more secure computing experience. Grab it on sale for just £39.39.


Chris Christie pushes back on calls to drop out of the race, takes aim at Trump in first major ad blitz

Chris Christie is pushing back against calls from fellow Republicans for the former two-term New Jersey governor to drop out of the GOP presidential nomination race in the first major ad blitz of his 2024 bid.

“Some people say I should drop out of this race. Really? I’m the only one saying Donald Trump is a liar,” Christie said while speaking directly to the camera in a spot launching on TV and digital on Thursday.

Christie’s campaign said the commercial is the first spot in what they tout as a seven-figure ad buy in New Hampshire, the state that holds the first primary and second overall contest after Iowa’s caucuses in the GOP presidential nominating calendar.

As Christie runs a second time for national office, he faces a steep uphill climb against former President Donald Trump, who is the commanding front-runner in the race as he makes his third straight White House bid. Similar to the 2016 cycle, Christie is once again concentrating his time and resources in New Hampshire, where independent voters and moderates have long played a crucial role in the state’s famed primary.


Christie’s been running a frugal campaign since declaring his candidacy in June – with ads in support of him coming from an aligned super PAC titled Tell It Like It Is – but he has switched into a higher gear in recent weeks, increasing the number of events he’s hosting with Granite State voters.

The former governor ran his first TV spot of his campaign earlier this month, which was backed by six-figures. Now, he’s upping the ante by shelling out at least $1 million for commercials.


A Trump ally turned vocal GOP critic, Christie is now taking aim at the former president in his new commercial.

Christie charges in his new ad that Trump “pits Americans against each other,” adding that the former president’s Christmas message to anyone who disagrees with him was “rot in he**.”

When referring to the Jan. 6, 2021, deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters that temporarily disrupted congressional certification of President Biden’s victory over the then-president in the 2020 election, Christie said: “he caused a riot on Capitol Hill. He’ll burn America to the ground to help himself. Every Republican leader says that in private. I’m the only one saying it in public.”


“What kind of President do we want? A liar or someone who has the guts to tell the truth?” Christie asked in the ad. “New Hampshire. It’s up to you. I’m Chris Christie and you bet I approve this message.” 

Christie’s in third place in many of the most recent polls in New Hampshire, far behind Trump and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who later served as ambassador to the United Nations in the Trump administration.

Haley, who has been rising in the polls the past couple of months, enjoyed a surge in the surveys in recent weeks after she landed the endorsement of popular Republican Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire. That sparked calls from some Republican insiders and voters for Christie to end his White House bid in order for the anti-Trump vote to consolidate around Haley.

Christie has repeatedly pushed back against the calls by saying he’s the only Trump rival in the race who’s directly taking on the former president. He told Fox News Digital earlier this month that he’s “not going anywhere, so let’s be really clear about that.”

Get the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews and more at our Fox News Digital election hub.


A lifetime subscription to this nonfiction streaming service is half price

Couple on sofa with remote

TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a Curiosity Stream Standard Plan is on sale for £156.87, saving you 50% on list price.

Did you know there are streaming services that don’t charge any recurring fees? Don’t believe it? Check out Curiosity Stream. It’s like Netflix for documentaries and docu-series, but without subscription fees. Or the password-sharing nonsense.

With this deal, lifetime access is even more affordable than usual, just £156.87. You won’t find a lower price anywhere else. While it may seem like a high price upfront, it’s less than paying for two years of Netflix’s cheapest plan.

Curiosity Stream has something for just about anyone: Science, nature, history, technology, and art. You’ll discover thousands of documentaries and series like Planet of Treasures, Into the Jungle, Polar Bears, The History of Home, and even the Emmy award-winning Stephen Hawking’s Favourite Places.

Your plan also includes access to frequent content updates. Since you get lifetime access, you’ll (probably) always have something new to watch and never run out of options.

Just like other streaming services, Curiosity Stream has convenient search tools to help you filter out whatever your mind is hungry for — maybe a documentary on healthy living or a docu-series on true crime. Start watching on one device and pick up where you left off on another, or add shows to a list to watch later.

Curiosity Stream even has the option to download content for offline viewing, excellent for road trips, long flights, or your daily commute. Get lifetime access to CuriosityStream for just £156.87. No coupon is needed.


New Year’s resolutions are your goals for 2024. Here’s how to make them stick

Most human body parts regenerate over the years. Your bones renew every decade, your stomach lining renews every few days. And you can choose to renew yourself. The person you are today does not have to be the person you become this coming year. 

The start of a new year is always an opportunity. It is a fresh beginning, a new chapter, another chance to get it right. Why not take advantage of such a moment?

Some will say it is not good to make resolutions because no one ever keeps them. But that is not true.


John Norcross, professor at the University of Scranton, has written on change and is an expert on New Year’s resolutions. He says that at the six-month period of a resolution, 40% of people are still keeping them. Furthermore, other research shows if you make the same resolution three years in a row, there is a high probability it will actually happen. 

The most popular resolutions year after year are having finances in order, getting healthier, making a marriage better, breaking bad habits, and being closer to God. Many of those resolutions have a focus on the individual.

And some say this is another reason for not making resolutions. It is wrong to make resolutions that are focused on yourself and not on others. This kind of either/or thinking does not help anyone.

Here is a resolution for this new year: stop thinking either/or and start thinking both/and. Why couldn’t you have resolutions focused on your own life and on how you are going to help others? Both can certainly happen. This simple shift in the way you think could have an amazing impact on your life in the new year. 

You can focus on yourself and focus on others. If you were to focus on getting healthier, you could become a better parent to your children because you would have more energy. You could also live longer and be able to help more people because you have better health. 

Some will say goals are superior to resolutions. A goal refers to a specific achievement by a specific date. While resolutions are promises you make indefinitely. But a resolution is really nothing more than a goal. The rest is just semantics. 

What organization that has any degree of success doesn’t annually evaluate? Successful organizations are in the business of evaluation and innovation. They look at their year, at where they are strong and where they are weak. They look at emerging opportunities. They define changes that must be made.

Why would an individual not do the same thing? Evaluate yourself. Look at what worked and what didn’t. See where you need to make positive change in your life.

Maybe you already have. You know what it is you want to do or do more. You know what it is you don’t want to do or stop. After evaluation, you make the resolutions. 

A new year is a great opportunity because it is a fresh start. It is an exciting new chapter yet to be written about your life. It’s wise to take advantage of it. If you are not happy at the end of this new year and are frustrated — you should have made resolutions.

Because at the beginning of the year you were given a marvelous opportunity to do something positive with your life, and you took a pass. I hope you won’t do that. 

After evaluation and making a resolution, the process is not over; in fact, it has just begun. Diligence is required. Success lies in committing yourself to your resolution until you accomplish it. Lots of people have hopes and aspirations for many things that never happen because they are just not diligent enough to follow through. 


And realize there will be setbacks. Whenever you attempt something new, there is always the potential for sidetracks and pushbacks. To think accomplishing a resolution is going to be easy sets you up for failure. Sometimes you will find yourself in situations you didn’t anticipate, or things happen that you weren’t ready for, so you might have a little setback.

Your health resolution might be challenged because you got sick and didn’t work out for a week. Then when you got back to work, an associate brought in their famous triple fudge brownies and you devoured them. You just had a setback, and now you need to bounce back. You can do it.

Everybody has setbacks; no one achieves a goal without some challenges along the way. There is no reason to quit or give up on what you’ve resolved to do. 

Evaluate your life, make resolutions, realize you’ll have setbacks and be diligent with your goal.

The result this year could be a new, better you. 


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