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TL;DR: A one-year subscription to the Perlego Online Library is on sale for £89.60, saving you 31% on list price.

Not everyone has access to the same learning resources. Without a public or university library, the options are limited. However, with a subscription to Perlego Online Library, anyone can expand their knowledge with access to over 900,000 books.

Perlego has a catalog of nearly one million books on 1,000 academic and non-fiction topics, and subscribers get unlimited access. It would take a world-class speed reader to even get close to finishing all of them.

Explore titles on society and culture, classical literature, well-being, psychology, computer science, and so much more. If you like annotating your books while reading, you’re also in luck. Perlego has built-in study tools for highlighting, making notes, and more. It even has a citation maker.

Perlego provides excellent accessibility options. Change a book’s background color or the size and font of the text. You can also switch devices and pick up a book on your iPad where you left off on your laptop. Accessing Perlego is easy. The app is compatible with iOS 13.0 or later, iPadOS 13.0 or later, and Android 8 or later, or you can use any modern browser. 

Though Perlego’s library is huge, it might not have the books you or a loved one need to buy for school. However, there’s no harm in checking.

Whether you can’t afford your textbooks or need a place to do credible research, Perlego could become your new favourite learning resource. For a limited time, get a one-year subscription for £89.60, the best price you’ll find online.