Notice your Surroundings

Do you know there is a difference than just being alive and living?  You can be alive and breathing going about normal activities during the day on a routine and not be living life to the fullest.  Truly living is doing what you enjoy. Having a positive attitude about life, learning to relax and really noticing the surroundings around you on a daily basis. When was the last time that you noticed your surroundings? Never take any moment for granted no matter how big or small it is. The way you see things around you at that exact moment will never be the same again and can’t be recreated. That goes for birds flying by or people passing you or just the wind blowing the flowers on a cool spring day with birds chirping. However you see your surrounding on a daily basis even on a routine will never be that same way again. So, start to see and notice the things around you and instead of just being alive, live life to the fullest.