Learn how to speed read with this heavily discounted online bundle

TL;DR: The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle is on sale for £14.81 as of May 27, saving you 98% on list price.

Are you worried about your attention span?

If we’ve already lost you, then we’ll take that as a yes. But can you help it? We’re all habitual internet users, and focusing on anything more analog than a smartphone often feels like a difficult task. After all, it just dinged because a tweet by whatshisname about that thing is suddenly wrenching you away from the book you’re trying to not only read but commit to memory.

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Fortunately, there are ways to rekindle your concentration that will transform you into a voracious reader and a memory master. The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle is an excellent place to start. The bundle is comprised of six courses that show you how to fly through pages at a lightning-fast pace and, better yet, to remember what you’ve just read. Read more…

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