'Let's wear a mask': Kelly's viral classic 'Shoes' gets a coronavirus update

Over a decade after embarking on her iconic quest to buy some shoes, Kelly is back to getting what she wants — and what she wants is for everyone to wear a mask.

Comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan donned Kelly’s blonde wig once more for a 2020 follow up to “Shoes,” complete with a video call to her parents and some very ’00s fashion. Updating the lyrics to the popular meme, Kelly struts down empty streets while helpfully demonstrating face masks that “rule” and “suck.” A mask full of holes made of gauzy material? Terrible. An opaque mask that covers your mouth and nose? Now you’re talking.

“If I hear another thing about a mask I’m going to lose it,” snaps Kelly’s mom, played once again by Pam Cook. Read more…

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