Quibi's tech lives up to the hype. The shows? That's up to you.

If you have an unquenchable thirst for streamed content and a few bucks to spare each month, Quibi would like a moment of your time.

An actual moment, in this case. The short-form video app is launching Monday in the U.S. and Canada after months of attention-grabbing headlines involving its star-studded original shows. Don’t get it twisted, though — this isn’t just a Netflix competitor. The Quibi app is mobile-only, so you won’t be watching any of these shows on your TV.

If you think that seems like unfortunate timing given everything happening in the world right now, you could be right. A mobile-only streaming service may not be able to fully shine during a lockdown when hardly anyone one is particularly, well, mobile. The good news is Quibi does everything it sets out to do. Read more…

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