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TL;DR: A one-year subscription to LastPass Premium is on sale for £20.18, saving you 30% on list price.

Unless you have the memory of an elephant, creating and remembering strong, complex passwords for every single account is a huge pain in the butt. That’s why there are password managers. If you still haven’t signed up for a password manager, it’s long overdue. Lucky for you, you can get a year of LastPass Premium  for only £1.68 a month for a limited time and get your login situation under control.

It’s usually £30 a year for LastPass Premium, but it’s currently 30% off, knocking the cost down to just £20.18. In a year where everything is more expensive, a 30% discount ain’t too shabby.

We like LastPass for its great user interface and the ability to organise passwords or credit cards into folders. With a Premium Plan, you’ll get unlimited passwords, access on all devices, one-to-many sharing, 1GB encrypted file storage, save and autofill passwords, and even a password generator that creates long, randomised passwords for you that keep you from getting hacked. As it turns out, your birthday, favourite colour, or street you grew up on aren’t the best options for secure passwords.

Besides passwords, you can also store memberships, insurance cards, credit card information, and more inside your secure digital vault with LastPass. And once you save something in LastPass, you’ll always have it when you need it. 

It’s worth noting, that this special discount is only available to new LastPass users and is not eligible for use with any other offers or promotions. Once you pay the £20.18 one-time cost, you can redeem the voucher for an entire year of LastPass on its website.

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Credit: LastPass