Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night host Seth Meyers continued his treasured pastime of mocking U.S. Republicans on Monday, calling out Texan senator Ted Cruz for blaming the Biden administration and the Green New Deal for rising electricity prices. As Meyers explains, that allegation makes absolutely no sense because the Green New Deal hasn’t even been passed.

“They don’t care if it’s true,” said Meyers. “Tex Cruz is gonna bitch about how Biden outlawed red meat and took his guns away while he flips burgers with the butt end of his AR-15…. Anyway, the point is Republicans are shameless liars. Well, I guess that was the point. I mean, it is A Closer Look and that’s usually the point of these.”

Meyers also turned his attention to Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s recent tweet that said, “If your Representative thinks AR stands for ‘Assault Rifle,’ FIRE THEM!”

Casting your vote based on gun terminology seems like a strange stance to take, but then again the U.S. political system has never made much sense.

“Yes, it’s true, it stands for ArmaLite rifle,” said Meyers. “And as someone who has made that mistake myself in the past, I would just like to issue this sincere apology to Lauren Boebert: I’m sorry for not giving a f**k. I love that the same people who say ‘I don’t care what your pronouns are,’ also say ‘Don’t get the name of my gun wrong! My gun has feelings too!'”