Seth Meyers slams White House's 'evil and stupid' reason for ditching its coronavirus testing plan

The U.S. now accounts for almost a quarter of all coronavirus deaths around the world, with the country’s testing capabilities still woefully ill-equipped to handle the pandemic. Now Vanity Fair has reported the White House actually developed a coordinated national testing plan — but shelved it it believing the coronavirus would subside, and that it was primarily impacting blue states anyway.

“So they had a national testing plan, then scrapped it so they could blame the whole thing on Democratic governors,” said Late Night host Seth Meyers. 

“Not only is that evil and stupid, this is an infectious disease. This virus has travelled all over the world, did they not realise it could travel to red states too? ‘It’s a perfect plan! As long as no-one from New York ever goes to Florida.'” Read more…

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