Two people, a man and a woman, sit across from one another at a diner table

There’s a quiet but strong buzz around Shortcomings, a film adaptation of Adrian Tomine’s cult graphic novel of the same name directed by first-timer Randall Park. (If you somehow don’t already know Park from Fresh off the Boat, the MCU, or Always Be My Maybe, “Asian Jim” might ring a bell). Park’s assured debut is “a slice-of-life comedy that prefers understated, wince-worthy jokes to out-there laugh riots”, says Mashable’s Belen Edwards in her review.

Shortcomings is the story of Ben, “a jerk who won’t acknowledge his flaws“, as he struggles with his romantic relationships with the support of his equally messy best friend Alice (Sherry Cola). While praise for the film’s performances, script, and direction have been solid across the board, it’s Cola who’s getting the most raves — and with her raunchy girls’-trip comedy Joy Ride out next month, she’s shaping up to have a great summer. Even in Alice’s brief appearances in the trailer above, she’s clearly a star.

Shortcomings hits theaters Aug. 4.