The optimal way to remotely watch Netflix with friends

With many European and American cities in quarantined coronavirus lockdown, the world’s hottest club is now the internet.

Or, more specifically, streaming services. 

In lieu of the ability to spend time together physically, people are finding creative ways to watch shows and movies with their friends by streaming the same thing at the same time and chatting about it through text or video chats.

A boon for this co-remote streaming effort is the genius (and free) Chrome browser extension Netflix Party. The extension enables everyone in a group to watch a show or movie on Netflix in sync. So your entertainment of choice will start up at the same time as the rest of the group and, if someone pauses the stream, it pauses and resumes for everyone. It also has a chat roll on the right sidebar so everyone watching can also chat about it (through typing) in real timeHere’s a detailed explanation of how to install and use it. Read more…

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