'What is wrong with him?': Seth Meyers mocks Trump's toddling ramp descent


Over two million cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in the U.S., including more than 115,000 deaths. Despite this, President Donald Trump insisted on delivering West Point’s commencement address, with students who’d gone home to socially distance during the pandemic brought back to provide him an audience.

Trump’s speech predictably didn’t have the aggrandizing effect he was hoping for. However, the apparent health issue that stole the spotlight wasn’t the one you’d expect. Instead of Trump’s oratory skills (or lack thereof), most attention has gone to the moment the U.S. president “slowly descended a ramp like an old man being walked across the street by a Boy Scout,” according to Late Night host Seth Meyers on Tuesday. “You know, for a guy who constantly talks about how tough he is, he sure walks like a baby deer on a frozen pond.” Read more…

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